What Happens in Two Hour Surf Lessons?

Two hour surf lessons allow a lot of time to learn the fundamentals, practice with close supervision, and move on to catching real waves. It can equal months of learning on one’s own assuming the person knew what to do.

two hour surf lessons

Dry Land and Fundamentals

The first part of a lesson is a dry land explanation of what will be learned in the water. Much of the instruction has little meaning in the dry land because there is so much information on techniques, but it is the first coverage. Then students practice the pop up.

In the water, students are pushed into the waves to attempt the pop up they learned on land. Most people can’t remember in that their bodies resort to what the mind thinks should be done. It takes lots of repeating the count learned and correcting what students are doing wrong.

Some Students Get it Fast

Some students are up on the first ride. These students can advance rapidly to paddling for their own waves, paddling out to catch waves, and even begin trying new waves. But even students that get it after several tries, can move rapidly to the next advancements.

Students then get to practiced under close supervision. Most students have a few things they do wrong between getting on the board, paddling, wave timing, popping up, and riding. There is a lot to learn, remember, and get into muscle memory.

Develop the Muscle Memory

The great thing about getting students into correct muscle memory on the first lesson is it should limit how many wrong practices they adopt when practicing on their own. They know how it should feel and if they make mistakes they know it.

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