What Happens in Oceanside Surf Lessons

What happens in Oceanside Surf Lessons is students learn fundamentals then practice while being coached. Many students are riding on first push to the beach. The fundamentals are simple, but some find them challenging to learn.

Oceanside surf lessons

Oceanside Surf Lessons

New students are learning to manage a light shape designed for particular techniques and to handle a rider’s weight if properly placed. The surfboard does everything intended in a superb manner. Considering its simplicity, it is a high performing tool.

In the fundamentals, a new student learns to roll over on the board in the right position and perfect balance in the middle of the board. The to catch waves, the board has to both have momentum before waves arrive and be propelled to the front as the wave hits the board.

Standing up on the Surf Board

Surfing maybe the only board sport where participants start lying down. Considering water is pliable unlike concrete or snow, getting up to a standing position requires a smooth transition. Riding must also account for the dynamics of riding this shape on a very liquid gel.

Going from the lying down position to a balanced standing position is assisted with a technique and a count to get each step in the proper process. I have students use a beginner pop up that requires very little strength or agility developed with advanced surfing.

The student mounts the board and paddles before the wave arrives. Then paddles hard three times as the wave hits the board. When the surfboard is in front of the wave, the surfer puts his hands on the board in a man’s push up position. Then, the surfer pushes up and puts his rear foot on the board under his body so he can stand up on it.

Completing the Pop Up Technique

As he rises, he lifts his hand and torso to an upright position as he moves his front foot close to the nose. The proper distance between the feet is shoulder width or about 3 feet. The hips and shoulders are square so the body weight is equal on both sides of the stringer that runs up the middle of the board.

As the instructor, I push students into the waves at first before letting them start catching their own. During this time, I am correcting the mistakes in the process. There is a lot to learn and so the mistakes are usually numerous until students get the feel of the process.

Once students can ride waves, they are taught to paddle out and catch waves preparing them for bigger waves and green waves. Students can advance as far in a lesson as they are capable of learning and executing the techniques.

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