Tourists Take Oceanside Surf Lessons

Tourists take Oceanside surf lessons because surfing is a great recreation in Oceanside. The waves are very beginner friendly and the weather is usually tropical. Once a tourist takes a lesson, they can play on their own by renting a board.

 surf lessons

Learning the Fundamentals

The fundamentals for beginner surfers are the same used for advanced surfing. New students learn to balance on the surfboard, catch waves, pop up, and ride. Many new students ride the first wave.

The fundamentals are covered and practiced in the first ten minutes of a dry land lesson and then practiced in the water. I give students a count and sequence to follow and they repeat the count out loud in the water as they go through the steps. If they follow it, they can be up on the first ride.

Riding on the Surf Board

Getting to the right posture is important for riding the board. The feet have to be shoulder width apart on the board and the hips and shoulders squared to the front. In the right posture, the board will go straight and the surfer does not have to do much.

Once new students learn by being pushed into the wave, they learn to catch their own foam waves. Then they learn to paddle out through the waves and catch new waves coming in. It all starts in waist deep water, so students can go out deeper if they want.

Once a tourist has learned the basics, they can practice at Oceanside or any vacation spot for the rest of their lives. Its a great recreation to plan travel around or a reason to look for good wave beaches.

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