Three Main Carves for Surfer Tricks

The three main carves for surfer tricks are the bottom turn, cut back, and rip. The in between maneuver that is necessary is the acceleration often called pumping.

The bottom turn is first utilized after catching the wave on the face. At the bottom, the surfer does a bottom turn into the pocket. The bottom turn like most turns, begins with rotating the upper body in the direction of the turn and then pressuring the toes or heels in the same direction.

The Bottom Turn Continued

The bottom turn is also important for going over the face to avoid a close out wave. Finally, the bottom turn is used to ride up the face of a pocket to execute a rip. On this bottom turn, surfers usually get a low center of gravity and touch the inside of the wave to get edge and power up the face.

The Cut Back

The cut back is used for reversing direction and getting back to the power of the wave, stalling to wait for maybe a barrel, and for style. There are many degrees of cut back with anything from a full reversal to just a short stall and resumption of direction.

The cut back maneuver is also the rip at the top of the lip. When the board is near the top of the pocket, the surfer executes a cut back and is looking back at the bottom of the wave as he pushes the tail of the board through the lip of the wave.

There are many more tricks that are executed in the pocket with reverses, aerials and 360’s, but most contain the first three starting maneuvers.

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