Seniors Take Surf Lessons

Seniors take surf lessons to learn a new recreation, find a fitness routine, and cross an item off their bucket list. Age is functional, not chronological. Authors of Younger Next Year say we can be fit til age 85.

seniors take surf lessons

Vacations Are a Great Time for Surf Lessons

Seniors take surf lessons often when on vacation to our beach resort town Oceanside. It has great learning waves and once a lesson is finished, most people can practice the rest of the week just by renting a board.

For continuous exercise, surfing is hard to beat for a full body workout. It is cardio as paddling is the most active part of surfing. It also tests some upper body and core strength, balance, and coordination.

Preparing for Surf Lessons

The best way to prepare for a surf lesson is stretching, push ups, and some cardio. All three benefit a surfer. Seniors active in other sports find surfing easier. Success is mostly listening to instructions and having a body that will respond with the sequence learned. If you can learn the steps to dance or do aerobics, learning to surf is much easier.

The fundamentals are balancing on the board before paddling for a wave, catching waves, standing up in a sequence of moves to gain the right posture on the surf board. I give students a count I suggest they say out loud in the water and follow with their body. This takes focus off the ocean and places it on a simple rhythm. It also slows down racing minds.

Seniors take surf lessons just to add another exciting challenge to their lives. They can take them with their children or grandchildren. I have had many 3 generation surf lessons and they are fun for everyone.

Surfing Can Be Motivational

Surf lessons often motivate people to get in better shape. Even active athletes often say they thought they were at the top of their game, but surfing made them realize they could benefit by emphasizing new things. I see seniors surfing on a daily basis where I teach, and they are certainly above average fitness compared to their peers. You have to start somewhere.

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