PreTeens Learn to Surf

Preteens learn to surf and love the experience. Ages 8 to 12 is a great time to start. They have the capability to understand, move their bodies, and paddle a surfboard.

learn to surf

Start with the Dry Land Lesson

The dry land instructions introduces new students to the safety factors involved in handling a surfboard in the ocean, catching waves, and riding on the surfboard.

The pop up procedure has a count that new students have to learn and say out loud in the water as they go through the motions from laying down to standing up. Then they have to get in the right posture to ride the surfboard.

Most preteens can learn to surf with few problems. Being over weight is the biggest hindrance. Preteens learn to paddle to catch their own waves and some can learn to paddle out through the surf to turn around and catch waves.

Learning to Practice on Their Own

The faster I can turn them loose to practice on their own, the more fun they have. Many say at this point they want to do this for life. A big factor is getting comfortable in the ocean. When people are comfortable in the ocean a real bond occurs with the ocean and Mother Nature.

The Spirituality of Surfing

My first bond with Mother Nature was hiking and fishing along streams, but that first bond never leaves your mind and creates a strength and faith that never leaves. One knows that regardless of what happens in life, Nature is always there and more sustaining than anything else.

Yes spirituality and surfing are one. Surfers often go out on days when waves are poor just to sit. There is a serenity in the ocean that surfers enjoy all their lives and why they keep surfing as long as possible. This is a great gift to give to everyone.

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