Paddling Fitness for Surfing

Paddling fitness for surfing is a key to getting long sessions. When people think of surfing, they naturally think of riding the board. What they forget is that all the work is in getting to the waves and then paddling to catch them. Paddling never stops.

paddling fitness for surfing

Start with Paddling in Foam Waves

Beginner surf students begin by catching foam waves near the short. They roll over on a surf board and paddle to catch waves. After they have improved on the fundamentals, they start paddling out through waves and catching bigger ones.

Eventually, intermediate surfers are paddling out to catch foam waves just as they break on the outside or catching real waves. What follows catching waves is riding them as far as possible, then paddling back to the origination point and catching another one.

Storing Glycogen for Endurance

Paddling stamina is a function of glycogen stored in the muscles. Building muscle glycogen is a process of proper nutrients but also building muscle and pushing it to create greater mass and glycogen storage. When muscles are maximized, they get ready for the next time by adding more muscle tissue and increasing their glycogen storage.

The ways to build paddling fitness for surfing is more surfing or gym work outs and aerobics. The best gym workouts for over all strength and muscle building is a combination of squats, dead lifts, chest presses and military presses. After these, I recommend lots of pulls. There are tricep pulls with cables, overhead pull downs, and sitting chest pulls. These pulls build shoulders, triceps and the back.

Adding Intervals and Duration to Aerobic Training

Good aerobics for paddling include intervals and long low impact workouts. A long bike ride builds endurance and burns fat. Treadmills do the same and allow for good intervals starting at a minute and building to three plus minutes as conditioning improves.

Surfing is a full body workout that includes lots of falls. Having a body strong from lots of gym workout helps prevent injuries and tweaks. Surfing has lots of quick starts that then require the recovery of long endurance and interval workouts.

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