Paddle Out for Surfing Wave

You can learn to paddle out for foam or real surfing waves after learning to catch foam waves on the inside. I begin students by pushing them into foam waves on the inside break. Then they learn to catch wave on their own.


The Surfer Learns to Catch Waves on the Inside Break

Once students can catch waves on the inside without me telling them which ones to select, they have the judgement to paddle out for their own waves. Students always say this is more work but more fun.

To get the surfboard through the incoming foam waves, the surfer paddles straight into the wave and ducks the nose of the board under the foam wave and doing a push up allowing the wave to go under his chest.

The Surfer Learns to Recognize a Good Wave

At the beginning, the surfer wants to just catch the next good wave coming in. If the next wave is too close, he doesn’t turn around but paddles through that one too. As soon as their is a gap, the surfer turns the board ninety degrees and looks for the next wave.

The board is turned by pushing water under the board with one hand in the direction he wants to turn and a long regular stroke with the other hand. If the surfer is not getting turned around in time, he can head back into the wave or just slide off the board on the wave side. This prevents getting rolled while sideways to the wave.

Time for the Surfer to Catch a Real Wave

Once the surfer had mastered catching foam waves, he can start looking for real waves on the outside or that have reformed on the inside. This requires better timing. The surfer has to be in position as the wave arcs. The wave lifts the tail and the surfer then paddles hard three times and pops up.

The pop up has to be quicker on real waves because it puts weight on the tail and relieves the nose so the board doesn’t pearl. The surfer could also catch the corner of the wave at a 45 degree angle towards the beach to minimize pearling.

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