Oceanside Surf Lessons for Intermediates

Oceanside surf lessons for intermediates is often an opportunity to correct difficulties or progress to advanced surfing. Many surfers come to lessons because they are having a difficult riding real waves.

surf lessons

Right Posture is First Problem for Intermediates

The problem most intermediates have is getting to the right posture on the surf board. Surf lessons begin with the fundamentals of popping up correctly into the right posture.

The correct posture is having the hips and shoulders square to the front with feet shoulder width apart, weight equal on both legs, and knees flexed. Surfers get into trouble when they ride with one shoulder back and their butt over one rail.

Both Hands in Front and Hips Squared

The surf board is designed to have equal weight on both sides of the middle stringer which requires a stance square to the front. Both hands should be in front instead of one trailing like in snowboarding or skateboarding.

Surf lessons offer the opportunity to advance by learning how to catch real waves at the apex and the corners on long or short boards. Surfers can learn bottom turns, cutbacks, and accelerating/pumping which are the three main maneuvers in all advanced surfing.

Use a Soft Top Board for as Long as Possible

All these techniques can be learned on an 8′ soft top surf board before moving to a hard board. The advantage of a soft top is they are easier to paddle, catch waves, and ride than low volume short boards. A surfer should have all the techniques before moving to lower volume boards.

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