Kids Learn in Oceanside Surf Lessons

Kids learn to surf in Oceanside Lessons and usually have great fun. Sometimes they start out intimidated by the waves, but soon learn they can handle them.

Oceanside surf lessons

Kids in Oceanside Surf Lessons

Kids under ten may not learn the techniques the same as their older siblings, but they learn to accomplish what is necessary. What is necessary is that they get on the board without tipping it over and into the right stance.

One of their problems is paddling the board sufficiently to get in front of the wave. The wave places a lot of force on the back of the board to turn it and the surfer has to get ahead of the wave.

Paddling Can Be Kids Big Issue

Kids learn to paddle hard, get up balanced and ride to the beach. They usually don’t start out far, so they are never over their heads. As soon as they are on the board they are only in waist deep water.

They usually have plenty of energy for an hour and a half lesson and especially if they are with family. They love to get in with siblings and match them on waves.

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