How Long Should Beginners Ride a Soft Top Board?

How Long Should Beginners Stay on a Soft Top? The 8′ soft top is an excellent surf board for waves as big as 7′. It takes a beginner a long time before he has the skills or courage to ride one of these waves. In the meantime, he is learning all the techniques and has a board that performs well in foam and real waves.

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Learning Carves on a Soft Top

A surfer can learn all the carves on a good soft top like the “Wave Storm”. You can ride the face of the wave and do a bottom turn into the pocket and then accelerate to ride up the face or do a cut back.

To carve, rotate the upper body in the direction of the carve and place pressure on the toes or heels that are on side direction intended. A regular footed (left foot front) carving right (face side of wave) would place pressure on his toes as he rotated his eyes, head, shoulders, and arms in direction of turn. Back side carves would do the opposite pressuring the heels.

Time to Move to a Hard Board

When you can perform these on a soft top, then think of moving to a 7’6″ hard board. If you don’t surf often, the soft top is easiest to paddle and catch waves, so sessions are longer and less frustrating.

The move to shorter boards should be 6 inches at a time maintaining width and thickness. Width should be 21+ inches and the thickness 2 3/4 inches. Too much change will result in frustration from inability to paddle board and ride it. If you don’t surf often, maintain the high volume of boards.

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