Beginner Surfers Learn the Steps

Beginner surfers learn the steps and are often riding on the first wave. Surfing is about timing and a sequence. We cover it in a dry land lesson and those who learn it surf immediately.

beginner surfers

Surfing looks easy in the movies. It is not as easy as it looks. That smoothness gained by experience has taken the surfers years. The fundamentals learned by beginners serve them through advanced surfing.

Learning the First Steps

The first steps are paddling to catch a wave, placing the hands on the board in a resting position, pushing up and placing a rear foot flat on the board, standing while lifting the hands and moving the front foot to the front of the surf board.

The second important factor for beginner surfers is getting the right position on the surf board. The body has to be square to the front meaning hips and shoulders are perpendicular to the rails and both hands are in front of the surfer. Feet are shoulder width apart and knees are flexed.

Getting the Right Posture on the Surf Board

It is important that beginners are not in “snowboard” stance where one shoulder is behind the other and a hand is trailing. This places pressure on the heels and the surfer falls off the butt side.

The other common error made by beginner surfers is holding onto the board until they get both feet on the board. This puts the head in front of the feet and the surfer flies off the front of the board. When the surfer puts their back foot flat on the board, they must raise their torso before the front foot hits the surf board.

Beginner Surfers Learn to Catch Foam Waves

Catching waves is timing. The surfer paddles as the foam wave approaches. When the wave is five feet away, he paddles hard. He paddles hard as the wave hits the surf board and when the board is in front of the wave, puts his hands on the board for the pop up.

This sequence and timing have to be followed. Some people get it and are up the first ride. Others struggle,but most new students are riding within an hour.

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