Adults Get Fit To Surf

Adults get fit to surf with a few practices. Surfing is physically demanding and being surf fit means you are fit for lots of recreational fun.

fit to surf

Getting Fit to Surf is Multi-Dimensional

Many sports are more one dimensional. Running works the legs and doesn’t add a lot of muscle to the body, In fact, it strips muscle for fuel. Weights only add muscle but doesn’t add aerobic stamina and can allow fat to accumulate around muscle fibers. Yoga gives flexibility but not much aerobic stamina.

Surfing requires all three. Surfing needs muscle, stamina, and flexibility. Three of the best weight resistance exercises are squats, dead lifts, and chest presses. They add muscle, build the legs, back, and core and make the body more flexible. Adding cable pulls helps the triceps for paddling.

Aerobic Stamina for Recovery and Endurance

Aerobic stamina can be added a number of way. Swimming, running, biking, treadmill, and even fast walking. Adding an interval to any accelerates aerobic fitness and complements the quick bursts of effort frequently needed for surfing.

The problem for being sedentary and trying surfing is that bodies tend to gain weigh around the gut and then the shoulders can’t lift the body off the board in the water. The muscles in the hamstrings, buttocks, and lower back get tight and the surfer can’t get their feet under their body for the pop up.

The Bottom Line Exercises

Watching my video at the bottom and practicing the pop up in the living room would be a great practice for exercising the surfing specific muscles. Push ups, touching the palms to the floor, doing some crunches, and walking every morning are baseline practices to help.

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