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Oceanside Surf Lessons

Learn to Surf

Mark has been teaching Oceanside Surf Lessons for 10 years instructing over 3,000 students. He has authored the 80 page Ebook “Surf Instructions: Beginner to Advanced” and the 17 page “The Guide” an introduction for beginners.

Mark works with all ages but generally 7 to 77. He is an avid surfer, bike rider, swimmer, and gym rat. He is also a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. See more at his website Surfing and Fitness . Mark enjoys coaching surfing and fitness because both improve and change people’s lives.

Some enjoy taking a package with surfing and fitness combined. Students become stronger surfers and more capable of enjoying all activities with less fear of injury. After a surf lesson, many students say they understand why surfers are so lean and fit.

Mark is detail oriented and emphasizes students understand and follow every detail. This accounts for why most students are surfing in their first lesson. So many say they thought they would never be up in one lesson.

See his Dry Land and In Water Demo video.